Pollen + Wool is born from the appreciation for beauty of a golden field of wheat, the pleasure of walking barefoot on dewdrop grass at dawn, and the satisfaction in drinking tea from a hand thrown mug. It is the beauty in the simple, the raw, the elemental.
Looking North to her Norwegian heritage, owner Kristina De Pizzol has found her design aesthetic echoed in contemporary Scandinavian design. 
Linger to play in the dirt at the DIY terrarium making table, sample the locally
crafted honey, discover treasure and beauty to bring home...
Pollen + Wool celebrates the work of the artisan who throws clay on a wheel,
supports designers working to empower women globally, and sources products which are intentional - using organic, sustainable materials whenever possible.
Pollen + Wool is a lifestyle boutique which celebrates that which is good, that which is made and that which is unapologetically splendid.